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5555 Unique
Ai Stories

Each droid has a unique story to tell, bearing traces of its glorious past and dreadful, rewardless current existence.

The AI artwork reflects it across the 5 tiers, from generation to generation. We will provide sample stories, but their full tales will only be accessible to holders.

We plan on offering a functional glimpse of the Forgotten City’s futuristic tech to our holders. NFTs will serve as access keys.

The Forgotten City

In a metropolis of the future, robots had once been a key part of society, providing all service and labor needs. Without them, reaching utopia would have taken centuries longer. Nevertheless, in spite of it all, they have been left behind as technology advanced even further, and newer, AGI-powered generations of robots came to replace them completely and render them obsolete.

Being left with no roles within the new society, they resided to the Forgotten City. An enclave inhabited by those who didn’t fit or embrace utopia, forming a community of their own, governed by the values and beliefs of a lost era.